Fortuneo Binary Option Broker

Foundation Year: 2000
Regulated By: ASIC (Australia), FCA (UK) FSA (Japan), BaFIN (Germany) CNMV (Spain), AFM (Netherlands) CMVM (Portugal), FSA (South Africa) JSDA (Japan), FFA (Japan) MAS (Singapore)
Website Languages: French
Broker Type: Market Maker
Account Currencies: USD, EUR
Majors Spread:
GBP/USD: 2.5
USD/JPY: 2.5
Maximum Leverage: 50:01:00
Minimum Trade Size: 10000
Scalping: No
Hedging: Yes
Retirement Account: Yes
Free Demo Account: Yes
Option on Asset Types: Forex,Indices,Commodities
Touch Options: No
Traders From USA: No
Islamic Account: No
Forex: No
CFDs: Equities: 0.1% – 0.75%
Binary Options: No
Margin Interest: Yes
Depositing Fees: No
Withdrawal Fees: No
Supported Languages: English, French
Customer Service By: Phone, Email
Email Response Time: More than a week
Telephone Orders: No
Personal Account Manager: No
Trading Platforms Fortuneo Platform  By Fortuneo
Stop Order: Yes
Limit Order: Yes
Market Order: Yes
Trailing Stop Order: No
OCO Orders: No
One Click Trading: Yes
Charting Package: No
Trade off Charts: No
Streaming News Feed: No
Email Alerts: No
Mobile Alerts: No

FortuneoIf a look is given to the financial market then you will definitely know that there are a host of financial trading platforms in the industry. The most daunting task in such case is to look for a legitimate broker. The company was established way back in the year 2000 and has the office headquarter in France. The trading platform offered by the company is very simple, advanced and full of features which help in successful trading. The company is highly reliable as they are regulated in several countries like ASIC in Australia, FCA in UK, FSA in Japan and South Africa, CNMV in Spain and Portugal, BaFIN in Germany, JSDA and FFA in Japan and MAS in Singapore.

The trading platform offered by Fortuneo to its customers is an in house proprietary by name Fortuneo Platform. The trading platform has earned excellent reputation in the financial market in a very short span of time due to its high payouts, innovative trading tools and other offerings. Fortuneo is famous for the best combination of all the offerings to make trading successful. The trading platform is very impressive and it has been presented in such a manner that it can be used with ease by both novice as well as experienced traders. The trading platform is completely web based and hence does not require software download which may make your system slow.

Opening an account with Fortuneo is very easy and the account currency that is allowed is USD and EUR. The deposit in the account can be made through wire transfer and the same mode is used to make the withdrawals as well. The minimum trade amount required is $10,000 and scalping is not allowed. They also offer to their customers free demo account and hence one can understand the trading platform much better and also decide whether to open an account with them or not. They also offer retirement account to their customers. They do not charge any deposit fee or withdrawal fee from the customers. However, they do have margin interest on the trade done. They have no commission on the forex and binary option trading. The major currency pairs to trade in include EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY. The trading instruments include forex indices and commodities. They do not have the facility of stocks trading. They do not allow traders from United States to trade from their account.

The customer care service provided by the company is one among the best in the industry. Their trading platform and website is available in English and French. The customer care service can be availed using phone and email. They do not have the facility of live chat. The email support requires more than a week’s time to get the response. They do not take up telephone orders. They also do not provide to their customers any personal account manager. However, the best thing about this company is that they are highly reliable being licensed in so many countries.

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