24XP Binary Option Broker

Company: 24XP
Maximum Trade: 15000 EUR, USD or GBP
Minimum Trade: 25 Euro, GBP or USD
Minimum Deposit: 200USD, EUR, GBP
Withdrawal Fees: One withdrwal every month is free and every withdrawal after that on the same day is charged $30 USD, GBP or EUR.
Minimum Withdrawal: 100 USD, GBP, EUR
Payout: 70%-85%
Account Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
Currency Pairs:
Tradeable Asset: Stocks, Indices, Forex and Commodities
Trading Platform:
Trading Instruments: High/Low, Touch/No Touch, Boundary, 60 Seconds.
Licenses: No License
Regulation Status: Not Regulated
Payment Methods: Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, Moneybookers.
Trading Plarform: 9 of 10
Website: 9 of 10
Banking: 9 of 10
Customer Service: 10 of 10
Customer Experience: 8.9 of 10
Overall Score: 9.3 of 10
Assets: 9 of 10
Reliability: 9.5 of 10
Charting: 8 of 10
Withdrawal: 9 of 10

24xpThe most ideal way of entering the financial trading world is binary options as it is very and easy to understand and trade. To trade binary option, one does not require trading experience. 24XP is a binary option broker that provides to its customers a range of trading assets to trade on. They help the trader to trade in some of the profitable options that finally expires or ends “in the money” and gives its customer a fixed return on the money invested. To help in the trading decisions taken 24XP provides to its customers the background information on all the assets that are traded and provide them with graphs that shows the historical data.

24XP binary option broker provides to its customer three types of instruments so that the traders can make most out of their investments:

  • High/Low
  • Boundary
  • Touch/ No Touch and
  • 60 seconds Trade

Each of these trading instruments is designed to suit the trading needs of different investors and their strategy to succeed in the trading of the binary options.

24Xp binary option accepts USD, EUR and GBP as the account currencies and the currency in which the trader wants to trade will depend solely on the trader who has it while registering it with the company and once it is selected, it cannot be replaced or changed. The process if registration does not require any deposit. However, the trader will require making some initial deposits of $200 USD, GBP or EUR to start trading. Withdrawal of the money is also very easy and the request for the same is sent to the same account in which the first deposit has been made. The minimum amount required to withdraw is 100USD, GBP or EUR. 24XP gives its trader the facility of one commission free withdrawal every month. Any subsequent withdrawal made in the same month is charged $30 GBP, USD or EUR every withdrawal.

24XP trading platform is hundred percent web-based and the trading can be done from any standard PC which is connected to an internet. The trader does not require downloading any software to start trading. To trade through them, the trader must have java script enabled on their system. 24XP provides to its customers the most favorable return amounts like 70% to 85% if the traders chosen option expires in the Money. One some of the selected options provided by 24XP, it refunds a percentage of the amount invested by the trader even if it expires “Out of Money”.

Trading with 24Xp is very easy; the trader after signing up and depositing the required money can start up trading. The trader needs to select the asset in which he would like to trade from the drop down menu. The trader next has to select high or low depending on the level he thinks will be for the current level. The last step is to enter the amount to be invested and then click on buy.

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